God's Word Bible Church

We know that our children are the future generation, we will nurture their career goals. Many children know what they want to be when they grow up; So our goal is to know every child and youth by name, and career goals, and assist them in that area, we have special guest such as: Police officers Male/Female, Firemen /Firewomen, Doctors, Nurses, and etc. They will speak to the children interested in their profession, we are committed to the success of the children; therefore, every worker in this department must establish the vision in the youth and children.

We have tutors during the week to assist in any subject matter. Our goal is to make sure that God’s Word, children, and youth maintain 100 % high school graduate rate. We will assist however, we can with those interested in going into the military and those that are going to college, and again we will maintain a 100% college graduate rate.