God's Word Bible Church


Senior Pastor Mark & Co-Pastor Stephanie received Jesus Christ more than twenty years ago and served in numerous ministries.

Pastor Mark was licensed as a minister of the Gospel in 1997 at Calvary Christian Center, Sacramento, CA. He is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor, (B.C.B.C.), Registered Addiction Counselor, (R.A.S.), Certified Drug Alcohol Addiction Counselor, (C.D.A.A.C.), has his B.min, And is Currently pursuing his M.th degree.

Pastor Stephanie received her license as a minister of the Gospel in 2001 at Faithful Central Bible church, Inglewood, CA. She is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor, B.C.B.C.  and has her  M.B.A. degree.


The two joined in union 2006 and were ordained as Pastors together in 2007 through Full Gospel of Christ International.

Since their receiving of Jesus as Lord and Savior, they have served as armorbearer, assistant pastor, pastoral staff, chaplains, teachers, counselors, security, etc…

God sent them in 2006 to Clovis, New Mexico to do ministry , while their God opened their eyes with a Damascus experience. God called them to pastor together and launch a new church God’s Word Bible Church in Los Angeles County as of September 2009.


In 2006 we relocated to Clovis, New Mexico from California. I knew it was to be temporary, I thought it would be two years at the most. After visiting over 20 churches, trying to locate a bible teaching ministry, a worship place to call home, a year had passed by and we could not find one.

One night during my worship & prayer time God opened my eyes to the behavior of the churches and spoke to my heart saying:
"This is what's happening throughout the country with the churches ,you are to take all the things you have seen, you have accomplished, and the knowledge of all the mistakes that you have made over the years of serving me and go Pastor a multi-cultural Teaching ministry."

I didn't say anything to my wife for a few days. Then one day I was speaking to someone and they asked for my advice on something, and after giving my advice they said: "you see things through a Pastor's eyes, has God been speaking to you lately about pastoring a church."That was my confirmation. I needed confirmation because for years I made the statement "I would never pastor a church".

I then reluctantly told my wife what was going on and my wife's statement was “I already knew and I was waiting for you." That same night God gave me the vision & mission statement and the ministries to start the church. I stayed up all night putting it all on paper.

I spent the next 10 months of research gathering information on starting a church and looking for a Godly Pastor. We were looking for a pastor that knows how to truly worship God, and teach the uncompromised Word of God, who would hold us accountable. God led us to Albuquerque, New Mexico to Legacy Church, www.lifeatlegacy.com After meeting with the Pastor a few times along with my wife it was as if we had been knowing him for years, he then took us under his wing for a couple of years, trained us in Church Administrations, Church Operations, and fined tuned us. After our time was up he sent us to go out and do what God has told us to do.

God had to send us to Clovis, New Mexico with a population of 38,000 to open my eye's and see what is going on with His church, then sent us to Albuquerque New Mexico to train and fine tune us after already serving 15 years in the ministry, to prepare us to go back to California to Shepherd his Sheep, a complete circle.

Pastor Mark A. Yancy